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2007 Soapbox

20 was really open but very long. I made 160 contacts from four counties. - AA9ZZ/m

Don't know if my mults suffered a bunch or not but 20m was smoking hot with BS7H guys and vk zl types after abt 2:17 z, couldnt leave the band cuz they just kept coming. I doubt that my score will get any "wood" this year with the special 1 x 1s. - AJ9C (Grant Co)

Well, if I turn in my log this year, I am guaranteed to have the lowest score (Is there a certificate for that?). I have decided that there is an RF screen around the campground at Shakamak State Park. - K9DUR (Greene Co) (Ray promises at least 100 QSOs from Greene in 2008)

I operated about 9 hours. I thought I had done well and was pleased with how my temporary antenna worked until I saw some of the other scores posted here. I was operating low power. If you used N1MM to log beware that it counts DX entities as multipliers, which it should not do for the INQP. - K9WX (Benton Co)

No contacts - the antenna that I was using wasn't really made that well and on saturday I checked the connection and part of the feedline was loose from the connector. - KC9ATJ (He'll be back in 2008 with a working antenna)

Murphy hit big time. When you get frustrated, take five and THINK. Had I thought about it, I could have spent some time on 20 meter SSB to pick up a few multipliers (W7 and maybe W1) to help my score. And never, I mean NEVER, dine on refried beans and habanero peppers the night before! At least I didn't wreck the car. And thanks to all the operators who went mobile and portable (some of them in the rain and thunderstorms) for their efforts, no matter how small or extensive. You made the INQP fun. - KJ9C/m

Band conditions were good on 80 as I worked a lot of Indiana stations and a number of states. I caught all four 1x1 stations (worked N9I twice) plus W9TY once for the bonus. - KJ9D (Hamilton Co, N9NS op)

I made 1 QSO, called many others but a 80 M vee @ 90 feet doesn't work for a darn on close up 40 M stations. Too high and non resonant. Anyway I really hope to have more antennas up by this fall. - KK9V (Johnson Co)

I liked working the mobiles on a county line! Will try to do better next year! - N8XX (Michigan) (Maybe come down here and mobile?)

A big blast, and did get all the N's 1x1. - N9FC (Marion Co)

I was visited by the town marshal or police officer. After explaining what I was doing there, he decided to call the Warren county sheriff. I was sitting there with high winds blowing, waiting for the deputy to arrive, when I happen to look at the antenna just as it was making a clattering sound as it hit the ground. "This is just getting better and better," I thought. - N9I (Warren/Vermillion Co line, W9TN op)

Bands were in decent shape all day. Even squeaked out 3 q's on 15m. Started getting sea-sick from the qsb on 40m. Q's were abt 1/2 and 1/2 CW/Phone. I need to work a county line next year to double my Q count. The 1x1 call didn't seem to confuse too many. Had one 7QPer that refused to work me since I couldn't give him more of a call (??). - N9N (N9LJX, Clinton Co))

This one was tough, with marginal and widely varying band conditions, and a bad bout of local power line noise that killed 40 meters, our bread-n-butter band for over 5 hours. It will definitely be better next year! Our thanks also to a number of our Illinois and SMC friends who responded to our "promotional announcements" and got on the air. - N9P (Perry Co, AK9F & K9NR ops)

I think that I could have worked a lot more Indiana multipliers if I had gone to the lower bands sooner than what I did. Overall I enjoyed myself and am looking for applying lessons learned to the COQP in July and to the INQP next year. - NE0OP/m

I moved to MS last year and it was great to hear all the Indiana stations on this weekend. Thanks to those that went about mobile and gave out the extra mults. I had a blast and look forward to next years QSO party. - W5MPC (Mississippi)

Comments I have heard from the ops at W9KT were that the bands were particularly lousy & that caused the numbers to be down. Maybe there isn't an RF cage around Shakamak after all. - W9KT (Bison Stampede Station, Clay Co)

Very surprised to hear the BS7H so loud on Saturday morning, when we discovered that they probably weren't any louder then they had been all week at our own stations, we just had zero noise down there on 20 meters. - N9LAH & W9ILY at W9TY (Parke Co)

The new Little Tarheel II worked well. Stations on 80 CW, 40 CW and 40 SSB said I had a strong signal. But it appears I didn't have much of a punch anywhere else. 20 was a real waste. Lots of calling with no responses. Went to 80 at 2230 UTC (6:30 PM EDT). After that stayed on 80 most of the time. Kept checking 40 and made a few more Qs there. -WB9CIF/m It was great to see AJ9C follow us around most the Eastern / North Central Counties. We also were able to work a few mobiles, the ones that were only a few counties away. - WN9O/p/m (with W9IU)

Ted and I operated from 21 counties. Didn't really have any problems with Murphy. Guess we need to consider the Portable thing like W9IU and WN9O. Wow, 1000 q's. - WT9U/m