HDXCCthe Hoosier DX and Contest Club
The Hoosier DX and Contest Club, N9NS (formerly KJ9D), is a club serving Indiana amateurs interested in contest operating and working DX. Monthly meetings are usually on the second Wednesday of the month.

Most of the charter members date to the early 70's when a club called The IndyDXers was active. Joe, KJ9D, revitalized the contesting portion of the Club in the early 80's after the contesting versus Dxing split. The ARRL chartered club name was the Central Indiana Contesters. After branching out, the name changed to the Hoosier Contesters (a.k.a. HICKS - Hoosier International Contest Killers Society). In 1999 the club voted to change the club name again (to it's current name) to promote all DX and Contest activity.

One of the early challenges to the club was the use of PacketCluster. With the low sunspot cycle in the mid-80's the club used the cluster to get amateurs active again. As a result the KJ9D node was one of the first established in the Indiana area and linking to other nodes was not easy. We used the help of many non-DXers and non-contesters to learn the technology we needed and today we have a very robust network system. As Dave, W9ZRX (now W9PA) stated "True to the DX'ers goal-driven behavior, we learned all the technologies needed to build a high-speed Network"!!

In 2002, the club took ownership and is the sponsor of the "Indiana QSO Party" (held the first Saturday in May). It has helped sponsor numerous DXpeditions including trips to KH5K, KH7, E3, FO0/c, T31 and T33. Another major club activity of the year is Field Day. We have consistently placed in the Top 10 of the 2A category (1A since 2009). Members W9RE and N4TZ have each participated in WRTC.

Most club members are holders of DXCC and several are on the Honor Roll. Many of the active operators are also members of the Society of Midwest Contesters (SMC). (Neither DXCC nor SMC membership is required to join HDXCC - everyone is welcome.)

For more information about DXing, contesting or the Hoosier DX and Contest Club in general, please contact one of the officers or see our website at http://www.hdxcc.org.

Kevin / WN9O
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